Confetti Pattern

Kieran Small

Since March 2021

Has been with us-


Kieran’s practice is across multiple mediums with a focus on layers. His most common medium is photography where he has a particular consistent style of editing throughout different subjects like portraiture and landscape. However he does also like to link different mediums together developing a piece of creative writing, with a series of photos that all link to a central sculpture as seen in his MA final show. Moving forward he will be bringing immersive elements to his exhibitions creating an experience around the art and allowing multiple mediums to occupy the same space.

The central theme of Kieran’s work is around the relationship between the viewer and the art itself; and how that relationship defines the meaning of the piece. That meaning is derived from the viewer rather than the artist and this in itself is the value of art. Our ability to arouse emotions in complete strangers by creating a window into our own life through art is one of the themes presented in his work. The importance of language and how the viewer is positioned by language is another theme that can be seen in his pieces that involve text. We live in a modern world of information and influence and our accessibility to art has drastically changed over the past few years, what effect does this have on art and our appreciation of those who seek to make a life out of it.


"Before my studio officially opened I was able to come in and meet the team and help finish building the new studio spaces, including my own. This was a really nice way to meet the people who work and run Assembly house and allowed me to put my building experience to a good cause. It has made me feel connected to the space and that I have helped build this amazing place for everyone to use and enjoy... I’m not planning on leaving any time soon!"