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Confetti Pattern

K Walker

Since 2020

Has been with us-


My work consists of mainly sculpture, drawing, poetry, textiles and performance. Coming from a fashion design background, I find the physical form and materials almost always essential when creating work, often combining an array of textures altogether at once. Experimenting with materials often then jumpstarts and inspires ideas and concepts.

I explore gender, queer identity, morality and sexuality. My work often uses fantasy, nonsensical, humorous and grotesque imagery to personify the body, emotions and interactions with others. Past and current experiences of trauma have shaped the person that I am today, and I use art as a way of deciphering, challenging and escaping the thoughts that stem from this.

I enjoy creating worlds and visuals which leave audiences free to create their own theories and stories, sometimes my work doesn't necessarily even have 'meaning' and is purely for the mind of the viewer to project their own thoughts into it.

There is most often a fashion element to my work, I enjoy dressing, playing and using the body as a canvas, often using my own. There is an appeal to modifying and dressing the body, and this plays a big factor in my thought processes.

Instagram: incloseproximity


"The See U Naked Thursday events, hosted by Assembly at Left Bank, are great. The only affordable, diverse and accessible life drawings class within the city. It's been fun being involved, both as a participant and helping run and curate some of the sessions. I hope to continue doing more."

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