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Confetti Pattern

Helen Hamilton

Since 2020

Has been with us-


My practice is mainly sculptural, often using found objects alongside made soft sculpture pieces. I frequently use fabrics such as velvet, fur, and leather in my soft works, often combining these with objects reminiscent of furniture and familiar domestic items. Over the past year I have also started using clay within my practice to make small, totemic, objects either as part of installations or as pieces in their own right. Aside from sculpture my practice also includes photography, print, and writing, and I have recently begun experimenting with using some of my written work as the basis for short films.

I am particularly interested in ideas around animacy, the relationship between subject and object, and the role of objects within our mental and physical lives. I am also curious about tactility and touch, and the physical relationship between a piece and its audience. Much of my research is based in object-oriented ontology and material culture studies, with a particular interest in actor-network theory and the role of made objects. I took a module of design history during the second year of my degree which has had a big influence on my ideas ever since.


"Ill Always Remember our 5th birthday party (with the pigeon nest!) is probably my number 1 event at Assembly House so far"

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