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Confetti Pattern

Freya Stockford

Since 2020

Has been with us-


I am a painter and I use a combo of acrylic and gesso in my work. Gesso is so gorgeous, it is a medium that makes everything soft and chalky and allows the acrylic to become really malleable. My work is classically flat and heavily 2D and this combo of materials really allows me to push the limits of what I can do with it.

I paint still life in domestic spaces, mostly on or around tables and with everyday objects. I love the stillness of objects and the silence domestic spaces can bring, usually when we aren't in them. My real passion is colour and how you can combine them to create a specific mood or a feeling of space.

Instagram: @freyastockfordstudio | Website: | Email:


"I remember before I joined Assembly I went to an exhibition where there were perfumes and smells to match the artworks - one of my favourite exhibitions I've ever been to. If I think about it really hard, sometimes I can recall the scents."

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