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Confetti Pattern

Daniel Phillips

Since 2017

Has been with us-


I create responsible and quality basic t shirts made out in a small factory in Portugal.

Our ethos reflects the slowly changing landscape of ethical manufacturing standards beginning to happen in the textile industry at the minute. We use the idea of buy less but good quality as well as a strong ethos around the workers who make our gear out in Portugal. We pay a premium per garment to the factory so that the workers are given a well rounded education of the day to day runnings of the factory and this also allows the female employees to take a longer paid maternity leave.

I originally came along to assembly house with a friend who was looking for a space. I actually liked it so much I asked if I could come too and spare a space with him. Thankfully they let me in too!

Instagram: alldaygarb


"A memory that sticks out in my mind is my introduction day where I went and there was a full blown tantric chanting group in the gallery space wearing red robes and performing a music /ritualistic ceremony to a room of crowded people and a camera. Me and Tom looked at each other and were like....think we are gonna enjoy it here hahaa."

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