Confetti Pattern

Cal Lewis

18 Months

Has been with us-


Cal is an experimental painter who approaches all of his work with playfulness. His painting journey began with making pieces for the dance floor.

Inspired by living among dance music culture, it is collective human unity and celebration that were the first themes in his work. He has been known for his live art shows, where he paints in response to music, and a painting style that embodies motion.

Now, after taking his practise into the studio, he has evolved into exploring themes dominated by the ever-growing polarities in the Western 21st century lifestyle, creating paintings that explore our collective emotions and celebrate the absurdity of life.

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Instagram - callewis_studio

"Painting the mural for the Assembly House bar was an amazing experience. I had the gallery to myself and painted it in one 20 hour session. The piece was inspired by the industrial building we work in every day. Inside the buildings geometric shapes and patterns, an artists hand holds a pencil that opens up a world of nature, colour and inspiration, resembling the creativity of our community within the industrial Leeds setting"

"Every day I have at least one conversation with a fellow studio holder that is hugely inspiring to my work as well as leaving me with massive take aways for help with living life as an artist. That'll do me. "