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Here and Queer- Queerology

Queerology - Group Show
April 2023

Queerology is a collective of queer artists based in Leeds. It began life as a project producing queer art, instigated by the 50th anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalized in England (1967-2017). It has since grown into an artist collective with emphasis on promoting and platforming queer art and artists in Leeds, particularly trans and non-binary people.

“Here and Queer” proposes an exhibition surrounding the theme of Queer Visibility. The title itself, relating to the phrase “We’re here! We’re Queer! Get used to it!” shouted in protest. “Here and Queer” will explore the many different and unique ways of being visible as a queer individual. Whether that involves being visible outside your home, at your workplace, to your friends or simply coming to terms with yourself – the lived queer experience holds a vast array of vital stories, and the potential to communicate these to the world via art is what Queerology holds at its core and presents to you today.

Creating safe spaces and experiences of gender euphoria. Being visible, seen and recognised within both the LGBTI+ community and beyond. Building chosen families and bonds that keep us from the dark pitfalls that threaten many a queer person in the modern world. Blurring lines of rigid binary and platforming queer safety, queer power and queer joy. Let us shine by reclaiming our visibility, taking space, being visible, taking care of each other and showing up at a time when many need it most. Through “Here and Queer”, eight queer artists of different ages and experiences artistically explore and answer questions on the essential nature of contemporary queer visibility.

Project Gallery

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