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Dik Piks

Group Zine & exhibition curated by Suzy Babington.

21st – 27th July (2017)

22 emerging artists from the UK, and USA contribute a penis based work towards Dik Piks Zine, and exhibition. The theme serves to turn the traditional female gaze around and put the comedy spectacles on to look at this male dominated world, each artist presents us with a different idea using the penis.

Suzy Babington | Bea Bonafini | Jade Ching-Yuk Ng | Justin Fitzpatrick | Alex Gibbs | Neil Haas | Jason Herr | Motoko Ishibashi | James Lincoln | Kate Lyddon | India Nielsen | Rufus Newell | Don Pablo Pedro | Joe Pearson | Dovile Simonyte | Milly Thompson | Jack Towndrow | Thom Trojanowski | James Unsworth | Dan Venn | Joel Whycherley | Tom Worsfold

Project Gallery

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