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Painting Programme


Painting programme is a seven-month programme of painting exhibitions led by Assembly House studio holders, which will explore the role, possibilities and responsibility of collective artistic activity today. The programme will reflect on the philosophy, relevance and significance of do-it-yourself (DIY) or self-organised initiatives for today’s practicing artist, the nature of collaboration, and their relationships with each other.


The programme is structured by each studio holder who extends an invitation to another painter, each of whom has been asked to curate a painting-focused exhibition. Within this framework the curating artist can navigate their own interests for each exhibition. The exhibitions will bring together a range of artists within the philosophy that they are all painters together, pitching in and carving out ideas across a broad spectrum of creative activity.


Each exhibition will expose the curators’ unique approach to making, and their appreciation of dynamics within art. It will also give them chance to develop meaningful relationships and dialogues between artists. The programme is broadly removing the role of the gallerist as curator with the value of handing direction to artists.

Painting Programme exhibitions are curated by:

Neena Percy and Ellie Pratt (duo); Invited by Suzy Babington.

Brian Mountford; invited by Rufus Newell.

Caiytlin Mayne; invited by Rosie Vohra.

Jonathan Lux; invited by Jack Towndrow.


These 4 exhibitions are lead by a solo exhibition by Jack Otway, a painter who graduated from Leeds International University in 2015.The programme is finalised by a final exhibition curated by Kate Mothes, founder/curator of Young Space.


Young Space represents the ethos of Painting Programme through its mission of connecting early-career and emerging artists, with the global art community and one another, via a painting-focused online platform and physical exhibitions. It has been developed independently by curator/organizer Kate Mothes in response--and as an alternative--to gallery or institutional curatorial methodologies. Young Space emphasizes collaboration and connection between artists and organisers around the world, and is treated as a continual work-in-progress as it expands and reconfigures to artists’ input and participation.

Jack Otway. 

Jack studied his BFA at Leeds Uni of the Arts and opens Painting Programme with a solo exhibition.

13th - 28th October (2018)

Between Bodies.

Guest Curators Neena Percy, Ellie Pratt.

Exhibiting Artists Emma Cousin | Lewis Hammond | Mona Osman | Neena Percy | Ellie Pratt | Babette Semmer | Lucy Stein | Emma Talbot | Rose Williams |Tom Worsfold

Curator invited by studio holder Suzy Babington.

3rd to 25th November (2018)


Guest Curator Brian Mountford

Exhibiting Artists Jane Hayes Greenwood | Kostas Sklavenitis | Zoe Spowage | Max Gimson | Neill Kidgell | Rae Hicks | Tristan Pigott | Henny Acloque | John Greenwood | Brian Mountford | Gorka Mohamed | Francesca Blomfield.

Curator invited by studio holder Rufus Newell.

Sat 6th April - 17th April (2019)

Vapid, Languid, Limp and Lounging

Guest Curator Caitlyn Main

Exhibiting Artists Richard Maguire | Hannah Gibson | Yvette Bathgate | Flo Gordon.

Curator invited by studio holder Rosie Vohra.

19th April - May 4th (2019)

Wolves by the road.

Guest Curator Kate Mothes

Exhibiting Artists Emma Fineman | Aly Heyler | Yulia Iosilzon | Francisco Rodriguez | Anna Jung Seo

May 16th to June 5th (2019).

Everythings wrong. Aint Nothing Right!

Guest Curator Jonathan Lux

Exhibiting Artists Paige Perkins | Sophie Mackfall | Lucy Stein | Jonathan Lux | Andi Magenheimer | Kathryn Maple.

Curator Invited by studio holder Jack Towndrow.

June 20th till July 4th (2019)

Programme Co-ordinators

Suzy Babington | Rufus Newell | Jack Towndrow | Rosie Vohra

Painting Programme is co-ordinated by Assembly House studio holders.