Lester Drake

Lester co-founded Assembly House with Mike. He has a multi-disciplinary practice, which includes collage, installation, audio, photography and drawing. Lester’s art can be described as being inspired by symbols and imagery from cultures and the natural world to draw associations together. Lester was always interested in science and tech but was influenced by his elder sister, and metal album covers to get into art during his mid-teens, where he became interested in punk gigs and zine culture. Lester was also drawn to the social art environment. Lester is inspired by post-industrial decay, cliff sides as well as paganism and the cosmos. 


Lester’s biggest achievement is founding Assembly House and being able to encourage others to pursue a career as an artist. Lester loves being so involved with Assembly House as it allows him to maintain friendships he made at uni, as well as the community made through the organisation, being able to manage his own bar and have others comment on how much they enjoy the space. Lester still has fond memories of older creative organisations in Leeds such as &Model and Slice. 


You can check out more of Lester’s work at lesterdrake.com and on Instagram - @lesterdrake