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For this edition of our digital exhibition, Aspect: A particular mode of viewing we are joined by the artist Leo Gill, and their video The Resevoir. Experience this excerpt, on our Youtube channel, and take a look at what Leo told us about their practice and the artworks.

About the artist:


Leo Gill creates mixed media, sensory installations primarily based in the audio visual. Focusing on psychological and physiological responses to fears and phobias, certain stimuli can trigger a nocebo effect and generate uncomfortable audience environments. Creating these environments has been a developing theme throughout her practice. Whilst maintaining her focus on mixed media installations, the artist has also ventured into text-based art, spoken word, and performance.


From Leo:


My practice is currently audio-visual installation but I aim to convey concepts and engineer experiences, as effectively as possible, traversing mediums to do so. My themes are not so much apparent in the physical pieces of work, i.e. imagery/soundscapes, but through the emotional response of the viewer, which I regard as the final product.


I have been working with the theme of phobias for a while, hence AV being so prevalent in my practice, starting very specifically addressing my own aqua-phobia, but since expanding to more universal experiences surrounding fears and phobias. I have always preferred the response of darker emotions; whether it be sadness or fear. I’ve feel that the devastation resonates deeper than any beauty or joy. Currently one of my favourite pieces of work is ‘Faint with Light’, by Marianna Simnett.


I have a conceptualist ideology underpinning my practice, with an interest in the sublime, teetering on the call of the void.


Ultimately the final product of the work exists as the emotional response of the audience, and much like Sol LeWitt who said “let the content of the piece decide the form of the piece.”

My practice is not necessarily material specific, and I don’t like to identify my position as a practitioner by my use of medium. Abstract and intangible practices are naturally difficult to summarise so I’m reluctant to attempt to summarise a concept that doesn’t physically exist and is only experienced.


As of right now I am working on installation art in the time of a pandemic, looking at methods of display/reaching a larger audience under lockdown and whilst abiding to social distancing rules. For pieces that I’m starting during this pandemic, I am looking at ways of locating them digitally, removing the reliance on physical installation. I have started creating 3D digital spaces to be turned into VR viewing environments. Although this will remove a lot of the physical elements I use in my work, it makes it more accessible in this current climate.


- Leo Gill

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