Cal Lewis

Cal recently moved from London back to his hometown of Leeds. Cal has been drawing for as long as he can remember, but went to university to study set design. He has recently rekindled his interest in fine art by painting, ink drawing and creating murals. Cal’s paintings are inspired by music, especially punk and techno, as well as his time living in Ibiza and being surrounded by amazing scenery. Cal’s work can be described as abstract, bright and capturing motion. 


Cal’s biggest achievement as an artist is learning how to overcome the fear of starting a new project and to stop caring how it will turn out. Cal is also proud of his live painting at In The Water, a jazz club in London that is also a boat – he would paint to the music in front of a live crowd. Cal enjoys Assembly House because of how accessible it is to early career artists when compared to other studios in London. His other favourite creative places in Leeds, is the Leeds Art Gallery Library and the great street art that can be seen by just walking through the city. 


You can check out more of Cal’s work at and on Instagram - @callewis_studio