Benjamin Campbell

Benjamin is a recent Fine Art graduate from Leeds Arts University. Benjamin is a multi-media artist; he creates photography, sculpture and installations. He first became interested in art at around 12 years old as a form of self-expression. Benjamin’s inspirations are people and their experience of work as well psychology and philosophy. His art can be described as conceptual, thought provoking and varied.


Benjamin’s biggest achievement is committing to continuing his art practise after university. His other achievements include receiving an AON Community Art Award. Benjamin is excited to have joined Assembly House because of the variety of ages and disciplines. He is also looking forward to having his own personal space, he can decorate the walls however he likes, unlike at art school, as well as being large enough for all of his different projects. Benjamin also enjoys visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and appreciating art in the outdoors. 


You can check out more of Benjamin’s work at and on Instagram @Benjamincampbell_artist