Archie Brooks and Glen Ogden

Archie and Glen form the duo Crusty Collaboration, which began in 2015. Their paintings are inspired by cult classic films and video games and can be described as high quality, colourful and intense. Aside from Crusty Collaboration, Glen’s sculptures have been featured in Index Festival, 2019, while Archie is currently co-curating a video art exhibition that will be hosted by Assembly House.


Both originally from Hertfordshire, they became interested in art at school, when they were 15 years old,  and the pair now study together at Leeds Arts University. Archie and Glen’s biggest achievement is a charity exhibition they took part in where they raised £100, a breakthrough moment for them as they realised they could make money from their art. They now make paintings on commission and for their portfolio. 


You can check out more of Crusty Collaboration on their website and @crustycollaboration on Instagram.