Amelia Frances Wood

Amelia recently graduated from Leeds Arts University, where she studied Fine Art. Amelia is a multi-talented artist, she makes sculptures, fabric and print work. She remembers her interest in art starting from a young age and being told off for drawing on the front of her notebook in class rather than paying attention. Her work has matured a bit since her doodling days and can be described as tactile and taking inspiration from the anthropomorphic. 


Amelia’s biggest achievement is her residency at the Art House in Wakefield. She is proud that her artwork is starting to be taken seriously. To Amelia, having a studio at Assembly House is like being surrounded by friends rather than work colleagues. Her other favourite creative places in Leeds are the charity shops and the weird and wonderful objects you can uncover in them.


You can check out more of Amelia’s work at and on Instagram @Ameliafranceswood